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All About Lily Chou-Chou review

Posted : 9 years, 2 months ago on 1 August 2013 09:08 (A review of All About Lily Chou-Chou )

Overall, this movie is just...outstanding and impressive. As, the credits rolled when it was finally over I was just in awe and speechless at this masterpiece.

The plot was just like a story, well somewhat. It starts off in a unique showing of events. The current time, then the past, then back to the present, which could be confusing but if you're paying close attention you can see that it was only a way to absorb the main characters feelings more.

Seeing each individual child affected by negativities and the adult-like world they seem to be trapped in was just even more mind-blowing. This movie made me realize that bullying isn't just about stealing lunch money and that bullies have a "story" too.

The acting was really great, they acted out the scenes so realistically and added with the regular "video camera" filmage in some parts of the movie, it makes it seem as if you are really part of the movie, even taking in the young ages these actors were at when this movie was filmed was just more astonishing and made me realize how talented they were.

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Paesyeon-wang review

Posted : 9 years, 2 months ago on 1 August 2013 08:51 (A review of Paesyeon-wang)

First off, kudos to Yoo Ah In and Lee Jee Hoon for each having eye candy take-your-shirt-off scenes.

The acting for the rest of the cast was at least commendable, except for Se Kyung who was mostly crying or running back to Young Gul with that expressionless face of hers.

There were too many loose ends here that half way through the drama, it felt like they were writing an entirely new script.

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49 Il review

Posted : 9 years, 2 months ago on 1 August 2013 08:45 (A review of 49 Il)

I had a lot of fun watching this "highly entertaining, very different from the norm" drama. It has a very real human story within a fantastical framework. It was entertaining and thought provoking throughout its run.

The actors had great chemistry, the music was very fitting and the cinematography was wonderful. It is not your typical love story. It is not a rom-com. It isn't really comparable to other dramas that have recently aired. The writer and director of this drama stand out in a spectacular way.

For the writer's part: So Hyun Kyung told a very good story with twists and turns and a movable plot that kept you watching. Just when you think the story is moving in one direction it does a little flip and takes you on another, unexpected path. The themes of 49 Days are love, forgiveness, family, death and learning to truly live. It is a beautiful story.

For the director's part: He kept the plot moving and stayed true to the writer's vision. The camera work was very well done and I love when the lighting and the shots are part of the action and mean everything to how the story is told.

There are plenty of light moments but this show was never meant to be a comedy. I have seen comparisons to other more comedic shows and I feel that is doing this show an injustice. It's been a long time since I've watched a drama where the plot was so evenly paced and well planned out. Even though that plan may have taken me in places I didn't expect and were not the norm for a Kdrama.

It is easy to stick with this show and sometimes you will be on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen to the characters you have grown to love. (Han Kang! I adore you) I was satisfied with the ending. I was impressed and pleased with the story I was told. I recommend 49 Days highly.

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Hakgyo review

Posted : 9 years, 2 months ago on 1 August 2013 08:44 (A review of Hakgyo)

let me get started with one of he best dramas that HAS NO ROMANCE (I know shocked right especially for being a romance buff)! To all you people who love romance in everything and don't really know whether to watch this or not let me put your heart at ease.....:watch the dang thing or regret it! Lol not to be too harsh..... It is an amazing drama!
The acting was phenomenal, the characters were so well oriented with each other and the actors all seemed to be living the life of the character as they were on screen! I cried for all the right reasons watching this drama and I might even watch it again so that I can get that feeling! The bromance was so well developed that it maybe sometimes gave me this big goofy smile that I usually wear when I see the main couple interacting it's each other in other dramas! Haha! Nam Soon and heung soo are seriously he best ones in this drama! Also the teacher student relationships are really unique and also described perfectly!
The story it elf is a deal brake because all these school dramas that we love to watch no matter how much we dream they aren't really realistic, even though they dramafy everything in this drama this stuff happens at school everyday and we all know it! This school drama Is perfect and I know the some of you who don't want to go through a school drama are missing out on every thing you have ever wanted to watch.
All In all this drama is with every second and very tissue that you use! Even for those of us who like romance don't miss out on this show amazing actIng and an amazing storyline! I believe you people will savor evey second of it!!!!!

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Don't Cry, Mommy review

Posted : 9 years, 2 months ago on 1 August 2013 08:36 (A review of Don't Cry, Mommy)

The story is really sad and it's terrifying to know that these situations happened in real life, not only once or twice. The cast is another thing; you can clearly see who's a senior to who. I think I can point it out that the best actor or actress in this movie is Yoo Sun. It's incredible how much emotion she brings to her character. As for the main person who lead me to this movie, Dongho, I'm also satisfied. A bit of practice and he's going to turn out an incredible actor, I'm telling you. The music gave me chills several times during the film, especially the intense piano sounds and such.

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A Werewolf Boy review

Posted : 9 years, 4 months ago on 15 May 2013 11:01 (A review of A Werewolf Boy)

I seldom step into the theatre for movies as I could hardly sit still and concentrate for more than 1 hour. I usually watch movies at home. However, because of the fantastic reviews and box office this show has gotten from Korea, I decided that I would give this movie a chance at the theatre though it was a 2h 5min show.
The show started relatively slowly. For those who are not used to Korean shows, you may find it draggy. However, please keep your mind open. The setting and character building beginning would come useful in the plot in the middle.
I must say that what leaves a permanent impression was the acting of the cast. If I can give 20/10, I would have done it.
Song Joong Ki, best known for pretty and smart boy image, all thanks to Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Running Man, really acted superbly well. One of my friends, who walked into the theatre without knowing much of him, came out exclaiming how good his acting was. One even commented that Song must have done a lot of homework observing dogs. Of course, he was really a good-looker. In the theatre, there were many Song's female fans. They went "aw" and "woah" so frequently that it became quite irritating. If you are those who just like to watch movies without those variety show sound effects, you may want to watch it at home.
Park Bo-Yong's acting was surprisingly excellent. She managed the cold and later warmer character so well that she made me cry. Actually, the plot and acting by Song and Park made me cry. I am usually very controlled in terms of crying in public. However, this show drew out my soft-spot and I cried twice in the show. Park is 22 years old yet she looked 18 in this movie, totally convincing. My friends didn't believe that she started out acting in 2006, perhaps this also explains why she had enough experience to deliver this character so well.
I would very much want to explore and critic about the other characters but they were all so good in the show that this review would become very long. Everyone acted so well that I felt that I was there watching the events unfold. Even a small character of Park's sister was memorable. Till now, I could remember a scene whereby she looked at the caged up Song as her sister left to go to the doctor. Acting would be the key selling point of the show.
Credit must be given to the director, Jo Sung-hee. I think he did a great joy drawing out the emotions of the cast and putting the plot across in a captivating and touching manner. There are many scenes I could still remember in my mind as I type this review. A simple scene of Song carrying one of the children, a simple scene of Song watering the small seedling... I really think it is a successful movie because it creates so many memorable scenes.
Not going to spoil your joy in watching the movie yet wanting to be realistic in my review. The last 10 minutes of the ending can be very touching and you will not be able to dry your tears before the lights come on. Many ladies were still sobbing when the lights came on at the theatre. My friend had to blow her nose. However, on hindsight, all of us who were there decided that the ending was unrealistic due to the time frame the story was set, 47 years and somethings that Song did. Watch it yourself and be your own judge.
Overall, it is an excellent show with great acting and excellent directing. I didn't regret sitting there for 2h 5min. It was better than expected. Daebak!
I am now officially convinced and in love with Song Joong Ki as an actor.

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Maundy Thursday review

Posted : 9 years, 4 months ago on 15 May 2013 10:59 (A review of Maundy Thursday)

While writing this review I'm still crying mine eyes out... This story is so touching, so sad, so emotional, so beautiful...

I was inspired to watch Our Happy Time because of Kang Dong Won, recently I became interested in his movies.
What can I say, the story, cast and music are all great. I'm listening it right now, maybe it's not good because it makes me wanna cry more and more...

When I saw the title I though it will be just a silly love story. And after watching this movie I felt so betrayed. I wasn't ready for this kind of emotions that this movie put me through. How to love and forgive how to cherish life and enjoy someones company, how to smile and cry - this movie is all about that and much more. I highly recommend re-watching this movie over and over again.

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Himizu review

Posted : 9 years, 4 months ago on 15 May 2013 10:58 (A review of Himizu)

Okay, i don't know how to begin, I was one day bored without dramas or something to see and i saw someone that said that this movie was amazing, so i began and the story it's about an earthquake and the lifes of the people after that and it seems normal but OMG it's so amazing, then we see Yuichi (Shota Sometani)a simple guy but that have very bad "parents" they don't deserve to be called parents, and our lead girl that she's in love with him, well...you can say it in that way LOL
The acting: It's beyond the perfection, i was so inmersed in the movie, they were perfect in their roles, all the cast was amazing, i hated the parents and it was a movie that i'll never forget *yeah, never xDD*
The music was fine, nothing that i'll remember forever lol
Rewatch value: i must see it again, it was perfect so i enjoyed too much.
Overall: if you have a good cast, little bizarre things that are typical in japanese movies, two leads with a dysfunctional family then JACKPOT! If you're looking for a good movie you must see it, you're not to wast your time

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I Give My First Love to You review

Posted : 9 years, 4 months ago on 15 May 2013 10:56 (A review of I Give My First Love to You)

If you like asian cinema, this movie is a must watch, i cried like crazy, it's based in a manga but this movie has got pretty good acting and a good cast, it's bittersweet like the most of japanese movies, here Inoue Mao is fantastic like always ^^

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Hana Yori Dango review

Posted : 9 years, 4 months ago on 15 May 2013 10:53 (A review of Hana Yori Dango)

This was my first "dorama" and it led my adiction to asian world,this is a very entertaining serie, it has all, good acting, good music, well other like more the korean version but only for the "pretty faces" the korean acting of the girl in the korean version is...soso....bad, but this is a very good drama and have romance to be japanese haha :D

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